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Reveal what's already there

Getting to know who you are is a process of integrating the physical self (your body) with the emotional and spiritual self (your conscious and subconscious). There is no ‘path to enlightenment’ – it’s not a destination to be reached. Rather, understanding yourself is gaining the awareness that what you seek is already contained within you –  it’s a revealing of what’s already there. This knowledge is the key to transforming your experience of life and love around you. A practice of deep breathing, mindfulness and yoga are all effective ways to connect more deeply to the inner world. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you feel good about yourself?

Do you embrace the uniqueness of who you are?

Do you value yourself?

Believing that you are truly deserving is an important first step towards becoming a person that attracts genuine and fulfilling relationships. Authentic connections are paramount to experiencing true happiness. But often single people are feeling isolated and like fish out of water. With most of their friends married, it’s difficult to just ‘go out and have fun.’ They have no idea where to even go! They don’t know which sites to use to “do online dating’….but mostly, they don’t even feel confident enough with themselves to start: their ego has been so beaten down by a bad marriage or stressful divorce.  I can help you:

     …embrace a new life and lifestyle

     …confidently establish new friendships and


     ...‘find yourself’ (Hint: You were never really lost)

     …get back in shape – physically, mentally and/or


Additional Service Add-ons

Price: $100.00

Each additional week of personal assistance (15 min per day, 5x week) = $100.00

Additional Service Add-ons

Price: $100.00

Each additional week of personal assistance (15 min per day, 5x week) = $100.00

Life Coaching Services

Self-Esteem Services

Infusing traditional life coaching with spiritual guidance, I partner with certified John Maxwell life coach Paul Ledebur.  Together, we offer an integrated and holistic approach to help you connect to your dreams, health and confidence.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Temple University

RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with

Yoga Alliance, completed 200 hours of yoga

teacher training), May, 2013

Owner / Personal Development Advisor, Enhance My Connections, 2015 to present


    Paul's  Bio

John Maxwell Certified Life Coach/Leadership Trainer

College Life Coach Instructor, Delaware County Community

Radio host on Conshy Connect Internet Radio.

Paul Ledebur

"If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten"

                                   ― Tony Robbins


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