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"Enjoying single life isn't rocket science, so how come so many genuinely terrific people find it so difficult to authentically connect? Why does it seem like there are more dating disasters than dynamite dating? How do you get from just enduring the entire process, to actually feeling energized and optimistic? Vitality, purpose and social fulfillment are within reach! In a few simple steps, I'll help you connect with your dreams, health, and confidence. Together, we will turn your dating experiences from soul crushing to soul connecting.

I can get you in shape mentally and physically. I can elevate you emotionally and spiritually. I can get you up and running socially. Best of all? Together, we can do it quickly and economically. It all starts with first balancing and enhancing your existing connections to yourSELF and to OTHERS."

Michelle Rubinson

You’re thinking this online dating thing seems complicated and confusing. In many cases it is just that. Not because of the process so much, but because you might be on the wrong road that is not leading to success. I can tell you this because I’ve personally been down all these roads. I stumbled through the detours and road blocks - and I’ve learned the hard way that there are certain simple truths to succeeding with online dating and beyond:

1. You need a resource to steer you, as an individual,

    in the right direction 

2. There are no good and bad dating sites - just ones that

    may not be right for YOU

3. With a little education and advice, negative online dating

    experiences will disappear

Let me share what I’ve learned, and simplify the process of online dating. To help you feel comfortable with my approach and who I am, download my “10 Top Dating Sites” for free to give you a quick glimpse into my mindset and method.

Being on the right path and in the best light will ensure you shine brightly and attract all that you deserve.

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