Over 100 million people are single in the United States, with more than 40 million utilizing online dating services. Being unmarried is not inherently a bad thing. It can be exciting and enjoyable and a time of self-discovery… But what is actually occurring? Most single people over age 30 are not having fun! They are not remotely enjoying themselves. They are finding online dating to be a nightmare, forging new friendships and meaningful relationships to be challenging, and being ‘fit and healthy’ difficult to achieve, let alone maintain. Factor in kids, getting older, obligations, and plain old limited time: it can seem that having a balanced, healthy, meaningful life is a lofty, or simply unattainable goal. The good news? It’s not! “It’s not only in reach, but it’s closer than you think”

- Michelle Rubinson, B.A., RYT-200

Moving from Enduring

to Enjoying

After majoring in Psychology in college, I realized I am energized by others. I truly LOVE people. That enthusiasm led me to conduct self-esteem workshops while studying and reading about positive psychology and exploring spirituality.

How does this relate to online dating and forming relationships? Most people are just not as social as I am—they dislike this entire process immensely. They just want to bypass all of the “bullshit" and “games” and fast forward to finding someone to settle down with. Without an introduction or an invite, they would never step into a bar, or attend an event alone. The idea of placing themselves on a public dating site and corresponding with multiple strangers literally repulses them.

Another reality is that most people just lack practical experience in this area. Without some advice and direction, they have no idea how their online dating profile may actually be attracting the wrong people – or how to easily market themselves so they stand out in a sea of thousands of faces. And without significant expertise in online dating – they more readily fall prey to liars, end up on the wrong dating sites, or never even move offline to meeting anyone in real life. So… I’ve invited them, included them, and introduced them to new friends. I’ve reviewed their existing online dating profiles or created them from scratch. I’ve taught them yoga and read their oracle cards. I’ve coached them. I have given them ‘tips’….and by enhancing their connections – to themselves and to others – I’ve watched their dating and entire life experience change instantly and dramatically from enduring to enjoying!

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