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Moving from Enduring to Enjoying

After majoring in Psychology in college, I realized I am energized by others. I truly LOVE people. That enthusiasm led me to conduct self-esteem workshops while studying and reading about positive psychology and exploring spirituality. Most people are just not as social as I am—they dislike this entire process immensely. They just want to bypass all of the “bullshit" and “games” and fast forward to finding someone to settle down with. Without an introduction or an invite, they would never step into a bar, or attend an event alone. The idea of placing themselves on a public dating site and corresponding with multiple strangers literally repulses them.

Another reality is that most people just lack practical experience in this area. Without some advice and direction, they have no idea how their online dating profile may actually be attracting the wrong people – or how to easily market themselves so they stand out in a sea of thousands of faces. And without significant expertise in online dating – they more readily fall prey to liars, end up on the wrong dating sites, or never even move offline to meeting anyone in real life. So… I’ve invited them, included them, and introduced them to new friends. I’ve reviewed their existing online dating profiles or created them from scratch. I’ve taught them yoga and read their oracle cards. I’ve coached them. I have given them ‘tips’….and by enhancing their connections – to themselves and to others – I’ve watched their dating and entire life experience change instantly and dramatically from enduring to enjoying!

Time to Connect!

Don’t be afraid or ashamed to be proactive. Contrary to popular belief, friends and dates do not just drop out of the sky and onto your lap. If you never leave your house or never ‘go online’, it’s pretty unlikely that you will have a large group of friends or a huge dating pool to choose from. My goal is to attract a community of authentic people, who can just be themselves. To create an environment where you can be real and represent who you truly are. To provide a resource where you can find the tools and services you need to infuse harmony, balance, and joy into your life. Just tell me which type of connection you need to enhance, and my goal is to increase that connection with a minimal time and money commitment on your part. Why? Because I genuinely desire to help you achieve happiness! We all have a limited time here on Earth-  and I want you to wake up each and every day feeling that you are authentically connected—to yourself and to others.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Temple University

RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training), May, 2013

Owner / Personal Development Advisor, Enhance My Connections, 2015 to present

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You’re thinking this online dating thing looks complicated and confusing. In many cases it is just that. Not because of the process so much, but because you might be on the wrong road that is not leading to success. I can tell you this because I’ve personally been down all these roads. I stumbled through the detours and road blocks - and I’ve learned the hard way that there are certain simple truths to succeeding with online dating and beyond:

1. You need a resource to steer you, as an individual - in the right direction 

2. There are no good and bad dating sites - just ones that may not be right for YOU

3. With a little education and advice, negative online dating experiences will disappear

Let me share what I’ve learned, and simplify the process of online dating. To help you feel comfortable with my approach and who I am, download my “10 Top Dating Sites” for free to give you a quick glimpse into my mindset and method.

Being on the right path and in the best light will ensure you shine brightly and attract all that you deserve.

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