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“Michelle put me on a path to instant results immediately following our initial conversation and profile critique. She cares deeply about your happiness and success and it shows by her quick response time and her ability to make sense to what can be a very challenging process. I would highly recommend her service to anyone that feels like a “fish out of water”, as I did, with this whole new world of dating.”              - Jen M

“Michelle helped me construct my profile in such a way that it would stand out from others and sincerely convey who I am and what I am looking for. I have received several compliments on how refreshingly straightforward it is!”                                    -GK



“I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your yoga classes. I particularly liked when you shared some spiritual nuggets at the beginning or end of class. Yoga is so much about a journey to wholeness, isn’t it? I hope you keep teaching yoga for many years to come!”

- Namaste, Patricia Fogal, LPC, DADC, CCS 

“It was my first time doing yoga ever and Bulldogyoga was perfection all around. Everyone was so welcoming and I didn’t feel out of place. Michelle was a great instructor. She encouraged you to go at your own pace and just to listen to your body.. I went to the activate calm class and it was so rejuvenating! I definitely  will try more classes!”

-Tina Bockius

"I was so hesitant to start yoga because I don’t like working out with other people. And the thought of being a beginner in a class full of people with experience was daunting, so Michelle’s one-on-one sessions were perfect for me.  I also have back issues, so Michelle really took the time to understand my limitations and create sessions that would work for me.  I was truly impressed with how tailored each session was to my specific needs, including the short passage that she would read at the start of each session. Somehow the message was always on target and helpful to me. She really was able to connect with me and help me deal with some other issues in my life while creating a safe environment for me to practice yoga. Michelle is totally committed and passionate about yoga and it shows. I would and I have recommended her to friends. She is the best!"                                                                                                   - Elyse B.

Spiritual Guidance

I met Michelle in 2013 when we completed our 200 hour yoga teacher training. This time was a very transitional time for me, as I was in a relationship that just wasn’t working.  I relied on my yoga practice and my friends to help guide me, make decisions and offer advice on where I was supposed to be.  Finally Michelle intervened; she suggested using her Oracle cards for a sign or at least some direction.  Be careful what you wish for because that’s exactly what they did!  The message was clear- so clear that the cards literally jumped out at me on to the floor!  In no time, Michelle read the message and gave it to me straight- we knew what had to be done and that was to leave my situation, as hard as it was going to be.  And so I did.  

Within a year of that reading, I found the love of my life, got married and now have a 6 week old baby.  I will never forget that day and Michelle’s advice and support.  Michelle gave the true gift of love :)                                                                           - Dana D


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