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Profile 1: Humorous



I know what you're thinking: This must be fake news. There's just no way all these qualities could coexist and the man would actually still be single. 

Everyone hears about those exaggerated or misleading profiles on dating sites. You just don't know what you can believe anymore.

So, recognizing how bright and savvy my potential match is, I've taken the liberty of personally vetting each of the above claims. I will be providing visual corroboration, as well as naming my sources:

Claim 1: Divorced, Suburban Man

"Yep. He's divorced, He's a man"

-Michelle R, neighbor in the same town

Claim 2. Cooks elaborate, 5 course meals

"The night felt long. I ate his food and was not hospitalized for food poisoning"

-Monica, frequent dinner party guest

Claim 3. Keeps an organized closet

Claim 4. Mows own lawn

"Never heard of him"

- Numerous local landscapers, when contacted for comment

Profile 2: Sincere

Diving deep to capture an underwater photographer, that is where you will often find me. Beneath the surface, I often discover much more to be seen and appreciated. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for dives. I have to suit up, gather all of my photography equipment, cast off, dive under and spend hours just to capture that one perfect shot. But I understand it's a process. It requires planning and patience. And ultimately, you can't get that shot if you don't dive in to get it. The underwater fish are under the water, not at Starbucks (although with the way they add menu items, never say never).

So.....I go where they are....

I'm the guy holding the camera. But in online dating - it's the other way around. I have to step from behind the lens and into the spotlight. And being honest, it's not where I'm most comfortable. But, like diving - I do understand that this is a process. It takes time and effort and you must put yourself in the appropriate place and just dive in. Online dating is the virtual Starbucks, or bar - or wherever it was that we used to meet people in real life. 

So here you find me. Trying with a few paragraphs and a few pictures, to give a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface...