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Authentically Connect via Online Dating

I believe the point of online dating is to #1: HAVE FUN, and next - to go out in real life on dates. Dating provides not just a social outlet to enjoy your free time, but an opportunity to truly learn about yourself and have positive interactions with new people. I don’t believe the goal should be  ‘a relationship’. That will occur organically and naturally with the right person. First - you need to get out there, meet people, and have fun!

But what is the actual experience most people are having? They are finding online dating to be hugely time consuming. They are not meeting anyone they would even consider going out with, let alone a soulmate and the entire process seems unnatural and is not fun. Current research indicates that fully 1/3 of people actively online are not even going out on any dates at all…. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! I’ll navigate you through the process of online dating, helping you escape the pitfalls that many people make that lead to an unsatisfying online dating experience. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs a total concierge service package —or someone who wants to do it on their own, but needs a little direction, there’s a package or a PDF just for you. Meeting friends and making connections happen when you have the right approach!

Step 1: Research and Prepare

1     Select which online dating site(s) you will use. Not sure where to begin? Download for

       FREE my informative PDF that breaks down the current top 10 dating sites and also explains

       the Pros and Cons of using a free vs. a paid/subscription based dating app. 

2     Write your profile. This is the step where many people get stalled before they even get

       started! If you find it excruciating to choose a username and headline—let alone write a

       unique and eye-catching descriptive profile, I can help!

       View samples of humorous and sincere profiles

3    Select photographs. “A picture says a thousand words.”  I’ll help you select the best

      photos to use in order to attract the authentic connections you’re looking for.


Step 2: Upload Your Profile and Pictures Online

Once you have decided upon your photographs and what you are writing to attract authentic and eligible matches, next you must Download/install the dating site specific app(s) onto your mobile device. 

This process is different depending on whether you are using a paid subscription based site (like or a free site, like Plenty of Fish (POF). Typically, on a paid site you will need to sign up, select a membership option, fill out built-in profile requirements, and upload pictures to the site. If you are using a free site, you will need to modify what content and pictures are visible or uploaded. Often there are defaults that just populate fields, and it’s important to know how to navigate properly so that you do not inadvertently display photos or information that is private.

If you prefer that I handle all of this for you - I offer a “Get me up and Running’ package that encompasses all of Steps 1 and 2. 

Step 3: Start Finding Prospects/Matches

Ok - so you’re online. Now what? Do you search? Do you wait to be found? Or both? 

Find specific directions and guidance that is tailored differently for men and women.

Depending on your age and which site you are on - there are benefits and drawbacks to both approaches.

Available Soon

Step 4: Communicate Online

It’s time to start talking—online! Not sure how to contact your matches or reply to messages? You’re not alone. Statistics show that 25% of the time, the reason people never meet in person is due to common email and texting mistakes.

Purchase my PDF about online communication to feel confident when writing to potential connections. 

Purchase Messaging Basics for Men, $10

Purchase Messaging Basics for Women, $10

Step 5: Moving Offline

You’ve connected online, now it’s time to meet face-to-face! Learn more about how to approach the first meet-and-greet, the first date, (yes those ARE two different things:) - and get general dating guidelines with my essential PDF!

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Total Concierge Service – All 5 Steps

“You do it – I’m way too busy for this!”


          30-minute phone consultation

          Review of online client intake form

          Selection of appropriate online dating site(s)

          Drafting of online profile, headline, and username

          Selection and/or commission of photographs

          (add additional fee for new pictures)

          Online sign up, membership selection, dating site

           questions and forms

          1 week of assistance with searching, sorting,

           messaging, contacting, dating; help with any and all

           questions that arise

          ALL downloadable informational PDFs included

          Dating choices delivered to your inbox at week’s end

Additional Service Add-ons

Price: $100.00

Each additional week of personal assistance (15 min per day, 5x week) = $100.00

Purchase Concierge Service

Get Me Up and Running

“Michelle put me on a path to instant results immediately following our initial conversation and profile critique. She cares deeply about your happiness and success and it shows by her quick response time and her ability to make sense to what can be a very challenging process. I would highly recommend her service to anyone that feels like a “fish out of water”, as I did, with this whole new world of dating.”

- Jen M.

“Michelle helped me construct my profile in such

a way that it would stand out from others and s

incerely convey who I am and what I am looking for.

I have received several compliments on how refreshingly straightforward it is!”

- GK