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Each additional week of personal assistance (15 min per day, 5x week) = $100.00

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Vision Board Services

Private Yoga Instruction

A Vision Board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Literally, a Vision Board is any visual display where you can place images, photos, or artwork that represents whatever you want to be, do or accomplish in your life. Visualization is the first step in turning your dreams to reality. Let me help you create a Vision Board—a tangible reminder of where you are headed and what lies in store. Or, schedule a vision board party and step up the fun!

Spiritual Connections via Oracle Card Readings

Intense emotions like anxiety and fear can block intuition. A card reading can help you get in touch with your higher self and provide spiritual guidance. Learn more about yourself and your path with an Oracle Card Reading. Readings can be done via Skype, in-home privately, or as a party!

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Ready for some one-on-one help? Life coaching can help you tap in to the best part of yourself and enable you take the right steps to create the future you desire.

Want to elevate your office dynamic? Recharge your employees and discover the benefits of positive energy with our Life Coaching and Self-Esteem Workshops!

Styles of yoga offered:

Hatha/Vinyasa flow

Anusara or alignment based Hatha yoga. Movements are linked with breath.

Chair yoga

I am certified in chair yoga - which is appropriate while recovering from an injury and/or you are experiencing weight bearing issues. All yoga poses are done in your own home, seated in a chair.

Trauma and Addiction/Recovery Yoga

By creating a nurturing, healing and empowering experience - I can help you feel safe in your own body. This allows release of emotions that may be blocking your healing from trauma or addiction. NECTAR (Nurturing Energy Cultivates Trauma Addiction Recovery) certified.

I’ll navigate you through the process of online dating, helping you escape the pitfalls that many people make that lead to an unsatisfying online dating experience. Whether you’re a busy professional who needs a total concierge service package —or someone who wants to do it on their own, but needs a little direction, there’s a package or a PDF just for you. Meeting friends and making connections happen when you have the right approach!

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